Sunday, April 22, 2018

I'm really close to my goal! Let's plan a Coffee and a card!

Ok gang, I'm really close to my goal and need another customer to order this week.  Everyone who helps me make my goal will be given a gift.  I'm also teaching my card class tomorrow at Lakeline Oaks Retirement.  They really enjoy making cards.  Here is what they will be making:

I'm now planning a Coffee and a Card event for any local folks.  This event will be held at Rolling Thunder Roadhouse in the Airstream.  I'm looking at the first week in May.  Would like input for what day more people would be interested in.  Cost would be $5 and include a cup of coffee and making a card.  I'm choosing Mother's Day as the theme, but the card could also be a birthday card or congratulations.  Will also have a Biker option (Yes, there are stamps of Motorcycles!).  Will offer 2 cards for $8.  Please comment on here what day and or time of day would work for you that week.

Stampin' Over the Rainbow,
Tracey Gouraud

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