Sunday, April 15, 2018

Anything but an Envelope continued

     So, yesterday, I started this post and gave the tutorials for items C, E and G.  Today I'll be sharing the tutorials for items A and B.  Tomorrow will hopefully be posting the tutorials for items D and F.  

Pouch Box (Item A)

  This project was inspired by Tulip's Touch of She was inspired by Pootles from the UK. Her video was very easy to follow and I enjoyed making mine and putting some tea bags in it.  So, here goes my version:

1.  Start with a 6" x 6" piece of DSP.  Using the Envelope Punch board, on one side, punch and score at 1 1/2", 3" and 4 1/2".  Then repeat on all the other sides.  Use the corner rounder of the EPB and round each of the corners.

2.  Using Paper Snips, at each of the middle notches, cut each score to the next score line.

3. Fold on all the score lines.  Attach Tear & Tape to each of the tabs on both sides of the center punch on the side that will be the outside of the pouch.  Curl all 4 tabs using bone folder to the outside.  

4.  Remove tape backing one tab at a time.  First one fold tab and adhere to inside of diamond matching corner to edge.  Fold other side tab on top of this one using thumb on outside to curve the joining area.
5.  Continue this on each corner.  .

6.  Use ribbon or cord to tie around the pouch.  Fill with treat.  TADA!

EPB Bow - Item B

1.  3 strips of DSP:  1 strip that is 1" x 6" and 2 strips that are 1" x 5".  These can be all the same DSP or each one can be a different DSP.

2.  On the long side of each strip, using the envelope punch board, find the center and punch and flip and punch at the same mark.

3.  On one of the short strips, on the short ends, punch in center.  On other 2, round all 4 corners.

4.  Using bone folder, curl the 2 strips with rounded corners.  Put Tear & Tape on ends of these strips.

5.  Remove tape backing and bring each end toward center and match rounded edges to rounded part of center of bow and adhere.  Put Tear & Tape thru center of other strip but not whole length of strip.

6.  Remove tape backing and put longest bow upside down on center of long strip with centers matching, adhere.  Add shorter piece of tear and tape on top of this and put shorter bow on top upside down and adhere.


Stampin' Over the Rainbow,
Tracey Gouraud

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