Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Check out the wonderful products and things you can do in the Holiday Catalog

 This year's Holiday catalog is an amazing catalog full of wonderful stamp sets, beautiful designer series paper, accessories and samples to copy or to inspire.  I have 2 favorite items in this catalog.  The first one is the Illuminated Christmas stamp set.  It helps remind me the real reason for the Christmas season is the birth of the Christ child and the things that lead up to it. The other favorite of mine is the Toil & Trouble suite of the Cauldron Bubble stamp set, the Cauldron Framelits dies,  the Toil & Trouble Designer series paper and more fun things to accessorize it.  If you haven't seen this catalog, watch this video.  Leave a comment about what your favorite item is and if you would like to have your own copy of this wonderful catalog to order from and be inspired by:

     Did you know that some holiday traditions are disappearing? Handmade Christmas cards are being replaced with texts and tweets! The joy of opening the mailbox to find a handmade card is quickly disappearing. It is being replaced with the simple “ding” of our electronic devices. You can’t decorate your mantle with texts and tweets but you can fill your home with FREE decorations as you display all your handmade Christmas cards!

I hope you will help me try to keep this beautiful and thoughtful tradition of handmade Christmas cards a part of Christmas this year! Handmade Christmas cards bring joy to both the receiver and giver!

Please enjoy the cute video highlighting the Holiday Catalog from Stampin’Up! then let me help you keep the tradition of handmade Christmas cards a part of your Christmas celebrations.

1. I can send you the current Holiday Catalog from Stampin’Up! Please watch the video for some fun project ideas.
2. You can attend one of my card classes to learn to how to make simple Christmas cards that will be cherished for a lifetime.
3. Ask me how you can schedule a Christmas Card party to make cards with your family and friends.
4. You can order paper, ink and stamps from my Stampin’Up! website so you can make cards to share with your family and friends.

Peace on earth can begin with a simple card made by you and given from the heart!

      Here is a quick scrapbook page that I created using a small piece of the All is Bright Designer Series Paper and a picture of a group of ladies I had fun crafting with:

Stamping over the rainbow,
Tracey Gouraud

Thursday, September 20, 2018

My current business goals and how you can help me reach them

     I have recently been challenged to reach a new level in my business. I enjoy what i
do and would like to share that with more people instead of keeping it to myself. I used to think I wasn't creative but a friend kept inviting me to her creative Stampin' Up parties. I told her I wasn't creative and to stop inviting me and then I said, if I come to your party and don't like it, will you stop inviting me? She said yes. So I went to her party. Long story short I found out I AM creative and that Stampin' Up helps out with that by coordinated color cardstock, ink pads, designer papers and more. The friends I meet thru this are amazing and we always have fun when we get together. I've now been a hobby demonstrator for 15 years and want to share it with more people and get more people to join the fun.

My next level is Silver Elite and to get there, here's what i need:

Rolling 12-month personal sales remaining: $2,178.12

Total direct demonstrator count remaining: 4 (that means i need to recruit 4 more people to my team)

Direct Silver or above remaining: 1 ( I need to be a leader and help one of them get to the level i'm currently at.)

So, the company is helping by creating a challenge group to help those of us at my level get to the next level.

What excites me most about the program is the structure and support of this group and challenges and the suggested ideas.

My goals for my business and ideas on how to obtain them:

1. more customers/hostesses - reconnect with old customers, connect and find more new customers.

2. doing video blogs - find someone to show me the logistics and technical aspects.

3. more organization - organize 1 group of items at a time

4. recruit - make offer to my big online customers.

I know a lot of you who read this, think that you're not creative or you don't have time or ... Please let me tell you it's fun to find your creativity and the projects you can make are amazing and will be appreciated by friends and family.

Please leave a comment on this post and share it with your friends. And just try stamping with me. You'll be surprised! You just might enjoy it!

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

#Stampinup30th - I'm creative and I get fun and friends

     I'm getting really excited about celebrating 30 years of Stampin' Up!  I met a new group of fellow demonstrators and we had so much fun together!  We got to share our excitement at the dinner meeting by writing what Stampin' Up means to us.  Here I am:

And here are some of my new friends:

     We're planning our trip to Orlando in November where we will celebrate with many others from all over the world!  You can still join us, but you have to become a demonstrator first.  You can join my team and then register to join us in Orlando and get a bag full of goodies and meet others from around the world and learn more fun things.  

     And in the meantime, some of the fun is happening on Oct. 6th.  My first ever stamp camp is happening and your seat is still available.  Click here to register for my all day event.

Having so much fun,
Tracey Gouraud

Saturday, September 15, 2018

You don't want to miss it! Register now!

     Let's celebrate World Make a Card Day together!  One week left to register, so don't delay!  You'll get to make lots of Christmas cards that you can then send to your friends and family, if you sign up for either or both of the optional breakout classes, you'll get to make more projects and get a stamp set or a tool that you will use and then take home to use over and over, because of course, you'll be hooked.  You'll meet some great people and enjoy the area of Lago Vista and have lunch.

Thursday, September 6, 2018

Holiday Catalog live - Join my team now & you can still go to On Stage in November

     So, the Holiday catalog is finally live and oh the things in it are amazing!  Here are some of the
items I really look forward to playing with:
Product List

     If you really like Stampin' Up stamps and would like to buy a lot more and get a great discount and join the fun in November in Orlando celebrating the company turning 30 years, then you need to
click the link above and join my team.  Then register right away for On Stage.  If you need help during any of this, please don't hesitate to contact me with any of my contact methods.

     Also, there are only a few days left to subscribe to Paper Pumpkin to get the September kit which is a great halloween kit with 24 items to be made and everything you need to make them.

      Last but definitely not least, there are only a few days left to get the early bird price for to register for the craft camp that I am co-hosting on October 6th in Lago Vista.  Here is the event info:

Tracey Gouraud – Your Paper Pumpkin and Stampin’ Up Independent Demonstrator
(512) 845-6229  email:

Tuesday, September 4, 2018

North Shore Craft Camp - Christmas Edition: Official details

Here is the link to the event I am cohosting with a new friend and another great independent Stampin' Up demonstrator:

     I'm really excited about this event.  This will be my first one and hopefully there will be more to follow.  I attended one put on by my cohost last month with my sister and we had a blast!  We met some really great people and made some neat projects and learned a couple new techniques.  We shared each others snacks and got some great things thru the day.  We had time to work on our own projects that we had procrastinated on and made the ones that were part of the event.  I had so much fun, i had to have my own event and Melissa agreed to help me.

     I know that you would have a great time at our first collaboration event.  We have some great projects planned for you and some great food.  It's time to register so you get the early bird price.


     Here is a picture of what you'll get to make and what you'll get to take home if you sign up for my break out class Envelope punch board projects.

     More good news, tomorrow the Stampin' Up Holiday catalog goes live to customers!  If you live in the United States and would like me to be your independent Stampin' Up demo, comment "I want one." and I'll get you a holiday catalog.  

       My parents just hit 62 years of marriage and tomorrow is mom's birthday!  Comment about these events and I'll send you a home made card.

      If you've read this far, please comment "I did." and comment on something in the post and you'll get a prize from me.  If you not only read this far, but also registered, comment "I'm in." and you'll get 2 prizes from me.  And you'll have a great time at the event.

      Stamping and crafting on,
          Tracey Gouraud