Tuesday, September 4, 2018

North Shore Craft Camp - Christmas Edition: Official details

Here is the link to the event I am cohosting with a new friend and another great independent Stampin' Up demonstrator:

     I'm really excited about this event.  This will be my first one and hopefully there will be more to follow.  I attended one put on by my cohost last month with my sister and we had a blast!  We met some really great people and made some neat projects and learned a couple new techniques.  We shared each others snacks and got some great things thru the day.  We had time to work on our own projects that we had procrastinated on and made the ones that were part of the event.  I had so much fun, i had to have my own event and Melissa agreed to help me.

     I know that you would have a great time at our first collaboration event.  We have some great projects planned for you and some great food.  It's time to register so you get the early bird price.


     Here is a picture of what you'll get to make and what you'll get to take home if you sign up for my break out class Envelope punch board projects.

     More good news, tomorrow the Stampin' Up Holiday catalog goes live to customers!  If you live in the United States and would like me to be your independent Stampin' Up demo, comment "I want one." and I'll get you a holiday catalog.  

       My parents just hit 62 years of marriage and tomorrow is mom's birthday!  Comment about these events and I'll send you a home made card.

      If you've read this far, please comment "I did." and comment on something in the post and you'll get a prize from me.  If you not only read this far, but also registered, comment "I'm in." and you'll get 2 prizes from me.  And you'll have a great time at the event.

      Stamping and crafting on,
          Tracey Gouraud

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