Thursday, September 20, 2018

My current business goals and how you can help me reach them

     I have recently been challenged to reach a new level in my business. I enjoy what i
do and would like to share that with more people instead of keeping it to myself. I used to think I wasn't creative but a friend kept inviting me to her creative Stampin' Up parties. I told her I wasn't creative and to stop inviting me and then I said, if I come to your party and don't like it, will you stop inviting me? She said yes. So I went to her party. Long story short I found out I AM creative and that Stampin' Up helps out with that by coordinated color cardstock, ink pads, designer papers and more. The friends I meet thru this are amazing and we always have fun when we get together. I've now been a hobby demonstrator for 15 years and want to share it with more people and get more people to join the fun.

My next level is Silver Elite and to get there, here's what i need:

Rolling 12-month personal sales remaining: $2,178.12

Total direct demonstrator count remaining: 4 (that means i need to recruit 4 more people to my team)

Direct Silver or above remaining: 1 ( I need to be a leader and help one of them get to the level i'm currently at.)

So, the company is helping by creating a challenge group to help those of us at my level get to the next level.

What excites me most about the program is the structure and support of this group and challenges and the suggested ideas.

My goals for my business and ideas on how to obtain them:

1. more customers/hostesses - reconnect with old customers, connect and find more new customers.

2. doing video blogs - find someone to show me the logistics and technical aspects.

3. more organization - organize 1 group of items at a time

4. recruit - make offer to my big online customers.

I know a lot of you who read this, think that you're not creative or you don't have time or ... Please let me tell you it's fun to find your creativity and the projects you can make are amazing and will be appreciated by friends and family.

Please leave a comment on this post and share it with your friends. And just try stamping with me. You'll be surprised! You just might enjoy it!

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