Saturday, March 10, 2018

It's Friday again! I'm still doing the card a day challenge

I've been busy and out of town for a while, but I kept up on the challenge.  Here is the card I 9put together from a card front from years ago swapped from Peggy Battles:

 I mailed it to one of my friends who is also a customer and who recently got married.  Would like to offer a challenge to anyone who reads this blog post to use the layout as  a challenge layout (Call it Over the Rainbow layout challenge #1) .  If you do, please post it to share.

Last Saturday, I flew with my husband to visit our youngest son and help him find and purchase a car.  He shared the bulletin board he had designed with the theme of space.  Here is the theme of the bulletin board: 

On Sunday, after church and on the way to figure out where to have lunch, we found some ladies selling Girl Scout cookies in Greensburg, PA.  I gave them the next card with a business card and note in it:

This card front was from a swap with Elizabeth Cooper.  This will be Over the Rainbow layout challenge #2.

The next card was given to a couple with a dog that we met at the Bushy Run State park where we went after we discovered that none of the car dealers were open on Sunday.  This was a card received at a team meeting with other local demos and Lisa Rodriguez in particular.  

The next day, we set out to let him do some test drives for the few cars we had narrowed down to.  We had received links to a few of the best car choices from the former admissions counselor at my son's University.  I had brought the parts to create a stationary box or 2 and Sunday night I created the following stationary box and card parts for him:

The first picture is the box closed and the second one is the box open with a notepad I received from a swap years ago.  It also had 4 cards and 4 matching envelopes and a few punched out tags with tear n tape ready to be sentiments.  The DSP was retired but the cards and envelopes are from one of the recent card kits.

Monday night we went to the Pittsburg Penguins game.  Before the game started, we were on the screen:

Tuesday night we flew home and I gave a card to one of the flight attendants who was making the evening flight a little less stressful.  She loved it.  Unfortunately, I forgot to get a pic of that card.  I also gave a card to a man beside me at the Pitt airport while waiting for our flight when i was crafting to make the waiting easier.  He said he would take it to his wife so she could enjoy it.

I missed sending or giving a card on Wednesday.  On Thursday, even though we were still having jetlag, I sent the following card to the car sales man who was patient with us and helped us through the intricacies of buying a car in Pennsylvania for our son:

This card was designed and made by Laura Cotton.  Let's make this Over the Rainbow layout challenge #3.

Today, Friday, I sent the following card to a friend who just lost her cat of 15 years:

I hope it helps her while she misses her cat.  Let's call this one Over the Rainbow layout challenge #4.

If you've made it this far, let me know and I'll send you a free gift.

Today at 11am Central my 2nd blog post with the Stamp 'N Hop team will go live.  Check it out and leave me a comment or share it.

Stampin' Over the Rainbow,
Tracey Gouraud

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  1. Keep up the great work with sending out your cards Tracey. I'm sure your friends will appreciate them. love the Stationery Box. Still have to create one. TFS